1. Britni Suentenfuss Answer

    I found that guy: I will innovative 3d rendering and visualization ( $785 )

    Create and produce high-end visualization images to showcase your product adding value to your business.

    With the latest technology tools in CGI (computer generated imagery), photorealistic renderings provide vivid visualization of concepts and existing products alike. With top of the industry best practices and experience assisting you to communicate your product clearly and powerfully.

    Providing you with:

    - Ultra high-resolution Images (on the desired format)

    - Light, environment, and composition support

    - Professional image editing

    - 3d Model (on the desired format)

    Let’s get to know your project story!


    1. Britni Suentenfuss

      This simplifies the process as no modeling will be required and we can focus on the pro-cess of creating your product’s photorealistic images for a great impact.

    1. Britni Suentenfuss

      I’ve experience as global product design leader in 3 continents, also teaching Product Design. Based now in Germany as Creative Design and Visualization consultant. I’ve carried out 40+ projects for more than 20 worldwide recognized companies and organizations achieving 11 international awards.

    1. Britni Suentenfuss

      Certainly, from a 360 rotation to part and component movement animation. Additional cost and time needed are based on requirements which varies according to every project needs.

    1. Britni Suentenfuss

      Yes indeed, each project is an exclusive story with a unique DNA background, requirements, and goals. Therefore, a tailored service is available fitting specific client’s needs.

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