1. Bart Blacknall Answer

    I found that guy: I will interview an expert and develop content ( $300 )

    Do you want to develop authoritative content about topics relevant to your industry?

    Maybe you would like to develop a knowledge base of information beneficial to your customers.

    This is a great way to develop credibility with your clientele.

    A very powerful way to accomplish this - interview an industry expert.

    That way you capture the content from someone well informed about the issue.

    An expert's input will speak with the authority of a white paper.

    Perhaps you have an industry leader you would really like to interview, but you just don't have the time to get their thoughts on paper.

    Let me provide that service for you.

    I will interview a person - or two - while recording the conversation. This will ensure that the person's words are correctly captured.

    I will then have that conversation transcribed.

    From that I will distill the discussion into informative and powerful content about that topic.

    I have attached several examples of the outcome of this process in my photo gallery.

    Contact me today, and let's see if I can help.
    1. Bart Blacknall

      Yes. I took a lot of business law courses in school, and enjoyed real estate law and oil and gas law. I enjoy presenting those issues clearly. This is the helpful part of recording the interview – I don’t summarize what the expert says – I capture it accurately.

    1. Bart Blacknall

      I conduct interviews Monday through Friday, between 12 PM and 9 PM Central Time US. (Dallas, Texas time zone)

      If your expert can only be available at other times, just message me and we’ll see what we can work out.

    1. Bart Blacknall

      I have conducted a number of interviews on the specifics of tugboat software. I had to make sure both tugboat and software issues were presented clearly. I also used to work in IT and the oil industry. Technical topics are a strong suit of mine. My job is to ask clarifying questions as needed.

    1. Bart Blacknall

      No, I only conduct interviews in English. I also prefer to interview people whose native language is English. This assures clarity of content.

    1. Bart Blacknall

      I have schedule the interview with the expert, which may take some time. Then, it takes a day or two to have the interview transcribed. After I have the raw content, I have to spend a lot of time editing. With all of those factors at work, I can’t promise really short delivery times.

    1. Bart Blacknall

      This is the beauty of the interview with the expert. I can talk to anyone, because they are the one with the knowledge. I have 30 years of dealing with people in industries that vary widely, from oil and gas to title insurance. I’m comfortable talking about a range of topics.

    1. Bart Blacknall

      I will require it. Sometimes people ramble a bit in an interview, so I want to make sure we correctly and accurately present the topic. I want the expert to review what he said, and be able to provide clarifications if necessary.

    1. Bart Blacknall

      Yes. One of the interviews that is in my image gallery is on safety issues in the tugboat industry. I interviewed 2 people, the CEO of a tugboat software company, and an industry safety expert. The interview took 90 minutes, and was a very technical discussion, that developed as 5 topic sections.

    1. Bart Blacknall

      I will give the expert a call in number. We will discuss the interview, and I will answer any questions they might have. When we’re ready, I will begin recording the interview. Once we are finished, I stop the recording.

    1. Bart Blacknall

      I will require that the expert submit an outline of their planned talk both to me and to the client. The client will have to sign off on that outline before the interview can take place. If the expert can provide some interview questions, that is always helpful.

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