1. Augustine Kraasch Answer

    I found that guy: I will optimize your google adwords PPC campaigns ( $695 )

    **Fiverr Verified Pro's** We have managed over $6,000,000 in yearly advertising budgets for small to Fortune 500 clients.

    Adwords is the absolute first point of contact your potential customers have with your business when searching Google, so it must be done just right. Tragic is the business that has an amazing product or service with a poorly run Adwords campaign that can’t generate revenue, draining the entire advertising budget without finding what works.

    That’s where we can help.

    We manage and optimize all aspects of accounts including:

    • Account structure
    • Keyword research & expansion
    • Budget management
    • Bid & position management
    • Geo-targeting
    • Dayparting & hour of day bidding
    • Negative keyword management
    • Audience targeting management
    • Ad copy testing
    • Landing page testing
    • and more!

    Our clients will tell you how our expertise has been absolutely invaluable. Businesses with negative returns have been made profitable, and those with stagnant sales have happily watched their numbers jump with a new wave of customers. 

    That’s the power of Adwords in the right hands.

    Spending over $1,000/month? Message us now for a FREE consultation.
    1. Augustine Kraasch

      There are a number of first steps. Please note, this list is not all-inclusive.

      Discussing your business and industry, performing a mini-audit, ensuring proper tracking is in place, reviewing any relevant market research, discussing goals, configuring report (if included), etc.

    1. Augustine Kraasch

      No. Unless you’re in a heavily regulated industry or the changes are extremely invasive. Otherwise, you’re hiring me for a reason! If you require consultation and explanation before any changes, please contact me to discuss.

    1. Augustine Kraasch

      Send me a message, we can discuss your needs and can come up with a solution that is customized for you.

    1. Augustine Kraasch

      If you have an established Google Adwords account then this is the right Gig for you. If you are new to Google Adwords or have not run Google Adwords for a significant period of time than this Gig will not suit you. Nevertheless, I do have other Gigs and custom options that will be suited to you.

    1. Augustine Kraasch

      Yes, that is an option, but discovery and consultations are not free. They take a significant amount of time so I offer these in a different gig. If it is a concern, please talk with me to discuss but if your order and I cannot help you, I will cancel.

    1. Augustine Kraasch

      Yes, this list is not all inclusive but is the majority of what i will not touch.

      – Any account that violates Google Policies
      – Any account that is not in English
      – Any account that does not have the proper tracking or goals setup (this is fixable and I can help with it)

    1. Augustine Kraasch

      No, I only manage accounts that are in English. Managing an account in any other language would be doing you a huge disservice.

    1. Augustine Kraasch

      I can perform keyword research, developed a strategy and campaigns for you BUT I cannot create your actual account for you. You must create your own account for security and billing purposes.

      If you need me to develop and manage your account, please contact me for a custom gig.

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