1. Tod Solonar Answer

    I found that guy: I will photograph your toys and cosmetics for your catalogue or estore ( $100 )

    Please contact me before buying a gig since projects involve shipping arrangements.

    With over 20 years of professional experience your project is in expert hands. I use a specialised technical camera to correct perspective which means your product will have perfectly straight and clean edges (important for packaging for example). Lighting is carefully created to reveal texture, shape, and shine. For the last four years I have been photographing jewellery for many designers. Jewellery is by far the most difficult subject to photograph satisfactorily. All my jewellery customers love my work!

    Having professional quality images of your product will increase conversions dramatically. A pro photo illustrates your pride in the quality of your product. 

    How it works:

    • Step 1: Contact me and describe what you require. I will respond as quickly as possible.
    • Step 2: Ship your products safely packed using tracked delivery.
    • Step 3: I will send you a sample image of your product for approval.
    • Step 4: I will prep and photograph all your products in the format you require.
    • Step 5: You will receive a download link where you can download all your images.

    Interested? Contact me to learn more
    1. Tod Solonar

      Of course! Steaming and/or ironing products is included in the service. Other preparations such as fastening down packaging lids is also included.
      Product assembly (e.g. toys ) attracts a surcharge of 30%.

    1. Tod Solonar

      Yes, I will return your goods at your expense. If you require your products to be returned, please enquire about cost indicating the size and weight of your package before ordering.

    1. Tod Solonar

      Photographs are provided in appropriate formats: sharpened and optimised for either print or web publication. Please specify which format and resolution you require, e.g. 1,000 pixels for web publication, 300 dpi high resolution for print.

    1. Tod Solonar

      Yes, licensing for one year of publication is included in my fee. Extra years licensing may be purchased for $5 per year.

    1. Tod Solonar

      With approximately five of my twenty years as a professional photographer dedicated to photographing product, I am familiar with the codes of eCommerce photography requirements. I have provided several Amazon sellers with product shots. All my lighting equipment and cameras are professional grade.

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