1. Elvina Coponen Answer

    I found that guy: I will produce a custom live action explainer for you ( $5500 )

    We will put a tremendous effort to create a cutting edge, up to date live action explainer video that will fulfill your needs and satisfaction.

    Both of us produced in the past couple of years dozens of videos, from more complex productions for enterprises to simple and beautiful small business videos. We specialize in making the most out of every budget & vision, in a smart and creative way.

    General features in our gigs:

    Pre - Production: Coordinatorcasting, location scouting, camera shooting list, legal coordination. 

    Production: 1 shooting day including: Director, Camera operator, Camera assistant, Actor, Make-up artist.      

    Equipment: HD-4K Camera, lights, lenses, slider, sound, etc.

    Estimated travel cost and crew expenses

    Post production: Video editing,  Animations (transitions, infographic overlays, demo, etc,)

    Royalty free music.

    1. Elvina Coponen

      In the standard package you will have to give us your logo and/or graphic design you have and we will give it a nice twitch – fade in, fly out, crawl in, or dissolve.

    1. Elvina Coponen

      For script writing, any relevant information you have – Description of the product/service, link to website, target audience, tone etc.
      For shooting day – Product if there is one, screenshots or screen recording if you are planning to present UI in the video (mock-ups, 3d design etc.)

    1. Elvina Coponen

      Pre Production – Script Creation – Script Approval – Book Location / Talent / Crew Production
      Production day – shooting day
      Post Production – Rough cut delivered – Client Sends Notes – Fine Cut – Final Client Notes Finished Edit

    1. Elvina Coponen

      Send us a message explaining as much as possible about your service. Describe with details what are the aims and objectives for this video. You should also need to send us a brief and relevant references. We will create an accurate quote and describe the exact services we offer for that work

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