1. Courtney Eshelman Answer

    I found that guy: I will produce an outstanding animated explainer video ( $5000 )

    Mezzo is a renowned studio that produces beautiful and smart animated explainer videos.

    We'll guide you through our easy 5-step process:

    1 - Strategy & Script
    An experienced strategist will ask you all the right questions so that our writers can start working on your script.

    2 - Storyboard & Styleframes
    We'll produce a storyboard and styleframes so that you can approve the style and scenes of the animation.

    3 - Illustration
    In this part we illustrate all the scenes in the storyboard with the selected & approved style.

    4 - Animation
    We bring all the fancy illustrations to life through the power of animation.

    5 - Sound Design 
    We add sound effects and a music track to make the sound match the vision.
    1. Courtney Eshelman

      Not only will you get an outstanding animation in terms of illustration & animation, but you will also get an animation that is designed to help you reach your goals – close more sales, reach a wider audience or impress your parents.

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