1. Thanh Westmoreland Answer

    I found that guy: I will produce high quality custom animated explainer video ( $3500 )

    Kasra Design is an animation company with over 6 years of experience in creating animated explainer videos. We have produced over 500 videos for a large pool of companies and organizations worldwide, including Credit Suisse, Red Cross, Commonwealth Bank, Intel, Hong Leong Bank, Ogilvy & Mather, Schneider Electric, Panasonic, Tokio Marine and many more.

    These are the industry standard stages that come with every package you order: 

    1. Research
    2. Scriptwriting
    3. VoiceOver Selection & Recording
    4. Storyboard (Sketch)
    5. Illustration
    6. Storyboard (Fully Illustrated)
    7. Animation
    8. Music (Premium Stock)

    We involve you in every stage of the project, so you will have full control of what's about to come and there will be no nasty surprises. Work quality is very important to us. Each project is carefully directed and undergoes strict internal quality control to ensure results that go beyond expectations. 

    Please call or chat with us to let us understand what you're looking for and to see if we can be a perfect fit for your project.

    We can't wait to speak to you about your video project and help your business stand out from the competition.
    1. Thanh Westmoreland

      Proper animation is not cheap and never will be. We put lots of effort into each video project. Every video will be made involving a creative director, copywriters, illustrators, professional animators and a dedicated account manager. All of these are done by professionals with years of experience.

    1. Thanh Westmoreland

      Yes. We have created many videos containing stock footage and animation. However, the footages have to be submitted by the client. If you want us to source for the footages, get in touch to calculate the cost and send you a custom gig to order.

    1. Thanh Westmoreland

      We can definitely make your video longer than 60 seconds. What you need to do is to message us for a quote and we will send you a custom gig to order.

    1. Thanh Westmoreland

      Revisions are set to be limited for good reasons. If we let you do many revisions, you are most likely ruining your video UNLESS you are a creative professional with years of experience in this field. We do welcome your creative inputs and if they make sense we will definitely implement them.

    1. Thanh Westmoreland

      No. Everything we make is custom-made and uniquely created for you. If you have your own illustrations and wish to use them in your animation, we can do that. However, everything will be recreated by us to fit our animation pipeline. Please chat with us first if you wish to use your own graphics.

    1. Thanh Westmoreland

      Yes. We’ve created videos in many languages such as Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, Danish, French, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Arabic and many more. The foreign voice over has to be provided by the client including a written script and English guide. Do speak to us first if this is your case.

    1. Thanh Westmoreland

      Sure. While we recommend using voice over for most businesses, we can make your animated explainer video without voice over. Please note that this does not reduce the cost as it takes more effort to create visuals that communicate and tell a message without a narration.

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