1. Clemencia Pawlak Answer

    I found that guy: I will produce quality cinematic videos for your products and brand ( $4000 )

    Our team will give their best to create an engaging, high quality live action video that will fulfill your marketing needs and desires, making the most out of your budget & vision. Our team is conformed of multidisciplinary talent that have work around the world, enriching our approach and perspective.

    Pre - Production: briefing and concept development, coordination, casting, location scouting, equipment list, insurance & legal coordination. 

    Production: Director, Camera operator, Camera assistant, Actor, Make-up artist.      

    Equipment: HD-4K Camera, lights, lenses, slider, sound, etc.

    Estimated travel cost and crew expenses

    Post production: Video editing,  graphic animations, color correction

    Royalty free music.

    Listed prices are average reference prices. Every production's needs are different, so after a briefing consultation we'll provide you an all inclusive, customised quote.

    1. Clemencia Pawlak

      Usually we deliver Full HD or 2k files, but we can deliver in any other resolution that works best for you.

    1. Clemencia Pawlak

      We know that every production’s needs are different. Send us a message to arrange a consultation meeting so we can have more information about your project needs. After that we’ll gladly send you a custom quote.

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