1. Bernie Abo Answer

    I found that guy: I will professionally edit, revise, and format your screenplay ( $145 )

    Great movies read well. If they didn't nobody would produce them. 

    Professional screenwriters know that producers look not only for a great story, but also a properly formatted one devoid of gratuitous action sets. Rule of thumb: The more white space, the better!

    In addition, great screenwriters produce scripts which grab the reader's attention within the first 10 pages (5 is better!) and craft memorable and revealing loglines.

    WHY ME?

    I am a professional Dramaturg and former Casting Director for the award-winning San Diego Repertory Theatre.

    I hold an MFA in Dramaturgy and Literary Management from the State University of New York and a BA in Theatre from the University of South Florida.

    • Basic Package: a thorough edit of your entire screenplay.
    • Standard Package: Basic + Line Editing, Revising and a complete Structural Analysis.
    • Premium Package: Standard + Detailed Dialogue & Character Analysis and Logline Creation
    • Each of my packages include a 30-minute private consultation via Skype.
    • I will not rush your project in order to make a few more bucks.

    Interested? Please contact me BEFORE booking my gig so we can chat about your project.
    1. Bernie Abo

      I refuse to rush any project and would caution every writer to be wary of those who offer it. The 7-day delivery time is a general estimate and most projects are completed well before.

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