1. Monte Feistner Answer

    I found that guy: I will professionally edit your novel in any genre ( $800 )

    While the needs of individual authors differ, buyers who opt for Silver and up can choose how thoroughly they wish to polish their manuscripts. Please note that a Bronze package will rarely result in a manuscript ready for publication. Request a custom order for larger word counts.

    Developmental Editing

    This service provides a manuscript file with commentary and an extensive editorial letter providing advice on improving characters, worldbuilding, plot, pacing, and story arc. Recommended for authors looking for suggestions on big-picture issues.

    Line Editing

    This service provides a manuscript file with direct suggestions and commentary using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature and focuses on grammar, punctuation, sentence flow, spelling, continuity, and dialogue. Recommended for authors looking to fine-tune their manuscript on a sentence level.


    This service provides a manuscript file with direct corrections made using Track Changes and focuses on minor errors including extra spacing, missing or extra words, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

    An optional complimentary hour of Track Changes review is provided with the final round of editing on all packages.
    1. Monte Feistner

      I am happy to work in any genre, but I am most comfortable editing science fiction, fantasy, and middle-grade fiction.

    1. Monte Feistner

      While I accept manuscripts in Australian, British, or Canadian English, I have the most experience editing in American English.

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