1. Caleb Boatfield Answer

    I found that guy: I will proofread your writing in 24 hours

    You need a proofreader.

    Whether your document is a 100-word "about us" blurb or a 5,000-word e-book, you need a proofreader.

    True story: I once saw a billboard that had no more than 10 words on it. It was for a supermarket deli's chicken, and its goal was to inform potential customers that no matter when they stopped by, that hot, tasty chicken would be ready and waiting for them—and according to that billboard, that chicken was:


    Yes. A pretty important word, probably the most important word, was misspelled. I'm sure that unfortunate typo didn't change the chicken's quality, but it sure affected my opinion of that supermarket. Someone at corporate must have agreed, because the next week when I drove by that billboard, that message was gone.

    So, you need a proofreader. Luckily, you've found me—because proofreading is my superpower. I've worked on-staff at several major, national magazines and websites, serving as chief proofreader at all stages of production.

    I will proofread your document and make it perfect, so your audience isn't distracted by spelling mistakes and misplaced apostrophes. Your message will shine through, untarnished by errors.
    1. Caleb Boatfield

      If we’re working in Microsoft Word, I’ll use the “track changes” function so you can review, accept, or reject any of my changes. (I won’t take it personally if you don’t like one of my suggestions.)

    1. Caleb Boatfield

      All of them! Specifically, I look for:
      * misspelled words
      * misused words (for example, using “affect” when “effect” is correct)
      * sentence structure issues
      * punctuation problems
      * things that don’t make sense
      * anything I see that will decrease the impact of your words.

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