1. Porfirio Arnt Answer

    I found that guy: I will provide consulting and setup services for your webinar ( $150 )

    This gig is a webinar consulting and setup package to get you started with a webinar funnel. If you have never run a webinar, you can get started with the BASIC plan and I will provide 30 minutes of consulting which includes software recommendations, strategy, and set-up advice. Along with this consulting, I will perform the basic setup for the back-end of your webinar. 

    In the ADVANCED package, I will provide you with 60 minutes of webinar consulting to discuss setup, strategy, and your landing page. I will setup the back-end of the webinar and provide advanced integration features such as CRM tagging so you can track when people register, join, leave, and purchase within your webinar. I will create a basic registration landing page in this package.

    In the EXPERT package, you receive two hours of private consulting to discuss scripting, making an offer, and using techniques such as subliminal highlighting to improve results. With this package, I perform the set-up for the back end of the webinar and add integrations for your CRM and email marketing platforms. I also assist in crafting your webinar registration landing page and integrate it with your webinar platform.
    1. Porfirio Arnt

      The BASIC gig includes a basic build for your landing page, thank you page, and email reminders. You will be responsible for creating a headline and bullet points related to your webinar. I will create your email reminders using the default reminder templates.

  2. Randolph Tolontino

    Can you track when someone registers, how long they stay on the webinar, and whether they view the replay link?

    1. Porfirio Arnt

      Inside EverWebinar, the basic analytics page gives you data related to many of these stats. If you run a CRM system such as Infusionsoft, we can create tags & automatically tag your customers when they register, stay a certain length, purchase, or view replay. This set up is part of EXPERT package.

    1. Porfirio Arnt

      Yes, EverWebinar allows you to throttle the attendance list to look like there are lots of people on the webinar room. This can be set up as part of the BASIC package. If you want to insert artificial comments and purchase orders, this could be done under the ADVANCED or EXPERT package.

    1. Porfirio Arnt

      You can use your ClickFunnels landing page and I will set up the integration with WebinarJam under the ADVANCED or EXPERT packages. A ClickFunnels landing page is a third party integration and requires a more advanced set up.

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