1. Ryann Fornaro Answer

    I found that guy: I will provide expert level tableau consulting ( $150 )

    Have you ever found yourself needing expert Tableau help to get over the hill? Sign up now to get guidance from a nationally recognized Tableau expert.

    If you've found yourself thinking...

    • Why isn't Tableau working?
    • Why won't my data work in Tableau?
    • How do I write calculations in Tableau?
    • What are table calculations?
    • Do I need a Level of Detail (LOD) calculation?
    • Why isn't my dashboard working?
    • Is Tableau the best solution for my problem?
    • Why isn't my data filtering the way I want in Tableau?
    • Why aren't my date fields working in Tableau?
    • How do I build x visual in Tableau?
    • What is the best visual for my data?
    • Do I need to use Tableau Prep to solve this problem?

    I can help you address all those questions in Tableau Office Hours.

    Eric's credentials:

    • Has consistently been ranked a top-5 Tableau trainer nationally for 4+ years.
    • Has taught 1500+ students how to use Tableau.
    • Has helped dozens of companies implement Tableau and additional data solutions to increase revenue and decrease costs.

    Blog: http://onenumber.biz/blog-1/
    Tableau Public: https://public.tableau.com/profile/eric.parker#!/
    1. Ryann Fornaro

      I’ve been officially teaching Tableau courses for 4 years and using Tableau for 5. My blog posts have tens of thousands of views. I’ve worked with clients across the entire United States and have developed 3 of my own courses.

    1. Ryann Fornaro

      Experience. I’ve worked with over 100 companies across nearly every industry imaginable. If you have a problem, I’ve probably seen it.

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