1. Gabriella Angeli Answer

    I found that guy: I will provide keyword analysis and list for your website ( $100 )

    Keyword analysis for your site including volume and competition is essential to growth and improvement in search engine rankings. I will create a custom list for your site using your site and competitors. You can see volume and competitiveness to decide what keywords you should focus on. 

    Not just any will do, you need to use keywords with good volume to improve traffic to your site and to attract customers that convert. 

    Odds are your competitors are working on SEO and you should too. Google continues to update and change, but SEO research and implementation in quality content is still the cornerstone of search rank improvements. 

    I've been doing SEO for more than a decade and helped dozens of clients go from pages 3 or 4 page 1 on Google. I am certified in Google Analytics and am an award winning writer, so I can help create compelling and authoritative content. 
    1. Gabriella Angeli

      I have more than a decade in SEO and helped dozens of clients improve their ranking, traffic and conversions. I am certified in Google Analytics and AdWords and am an award winning writer. I believe communication and data analysis are the two key concepts of SEO growth.

    1. Gabriella Angeli

      If you’re just looking for keyword research and analysis then the basic for you. The other packages improve upon that with backlink analysis, additional competitors and a strategy consultation. If you’re looking to overtake the competition in organic search, then the premium package is for you.

    1. Gabriella Angeli

      I examine your website and competitors for keywords and create an optimized keyword list based on competitiveness and volume. My backlink analysis will show you your backlinks as well as your competitors. My consultation will help you develop a proper strategy using keywords and your content.

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