1. Claire Sugrue Answer

    I found that guy: I will provide you the perfect soundtrack ( $700 )

    I'm a professional composer and music producer. I've composed music for major broadcasting companies such as RAI and SKY providing both soundtracks and main themes for different media contents. I'm based in Berlin and have direct access to the best recording studios such as Funkhaus and Fuseroom and their facilities. As a pianist and keyboardist with passion for drums, I'm proficient at managing different layers simultaneously. Since I'm specialized in virtual orchestration, I'm in control of any orchestral element. I play in a wide range of styles and my work is of the top quality. 

    Here's the workflow process:

    • Contact me, let's chat about your project!  
    • Send me the closest final cut of your video with a timecode and a list of expected musical events related to it.
    • Detailed creative discussion including references
    • I'll send a first version of the music back in about a week.
    • Notes / revisions.  
    • Finishing / mixing

    Additional notes
    •  If we need to bring in a specialist on a unique instrument, we can discuss this in a custom offer.

    Check out my website for examples of work and more info.
    1. Claire Sugrue

      The closest final cut of your video with a timecode and a full detailed description of your idea of the music you want. A list of expected musical events related to the timecode is more than welcome. Finally, if you already have one, feel free to share any link to a musical reference.

    1. Claire Sugrue

      The term virtual orchestra is used to describe the real-time simulation of a traditional acoustic orchestra. Due to the development of high capacity samplers, the recording of large instrumental sample libraries, and the capabilities of modern sequencers, simulations have become pretty accurate.

    1. Claire Sugrue

      After receiving your video and other details, I’ll examine the images and I tune myself into them. Then I’ll start composing in relation to the ideas we would have previously discussed. Finally, I’ll perform the final mix and master for the track and deliver all of the files you’ll need.

    1. Claire Sugrue

      Name a genre, I’ll do it. My multifaceted background, deep musical culture and experiences allow me to compose and produce any kind of music, from orchestral to contemporary trough pop, rock, blues, electronic and all their sub-genres.

    1. Claire Sugrue

      Piano, keyboards/synths, orchestral elements, concrete materials, percussions, drums, soundfield recordings…most important: creativity. Sky is the limit.

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