1. Valda Luncsford Answer

    I found that guy: I will provide you with advanced social media management ( $950 )

    Who are we? 
    We, at idbivanov, are a small digital marketing agency aimed at delivering all-in-one solutions for ultimate results. Driven by a passion for what we do, we are self-proclaimed futurists, design junkies, content enthusiasts and social media addicts. 

    Why purchase this gig? 
    Our solutions are tailored towards a seamless online marketing experience that is brand-first. With us, you can rest assured that your content is always up to par. 

    • Curated Content
    • Brand-Tailored Solutions 
    • Platform-Specific Engagement Strategy 
    • Social Media Marketing Overhaul 
    • Visual Consistency 
    • Brand-First Strategy 
    • Industry-Grade Reporting 

    What does this gig include? 
    With this gig, we offer full social media marketing solutions for brands of all sizes. All three price options include posts and scheduling on the top social media platforms. Please check the frequently asked questions or contact us directly, if you have any questions about the specific deliverables.  

    At idbivanov, we only work with brands, we believe in!  

    Contact us directly with any questions you might have! 

    Let's get to work! 
    1. Valda Luncsford

      We do offer some discounts to our long-term clients, yes. Plus, we often do season-based discounts for new and returning clients. Be sure to contact us for more information.

    1. Valda Luncsford

      If you need any specific campaign footage, be sure to contact us. We work with industry-grade filmmakers all around the world and we would be happy to help you out get the footage you need. Of course, this option comes at a premium rate.

    1. Valda Luncsford

      As explained in the gig video, differentiating ourselves from others on the market, we don’t use template-based apps, such as Wave and Ripl to create our videos. Instead we work with experts deriving production-quality social media videos from your existing content, combined with stock footage.

    1. Valda Luncsford

      Our full-time engagement starts at $35 per day for those interested. However, if your account is below 10-35K follower/likes, we are willing to discuss a far more affordable offer. Be sure to contact us with a more detailed overview of our full-time engagement offers.

    1. Valda Luncsford

      Yes, you can purchase this gig as many times as you want. However, we advise discussing with us the expected period of your overall campaign first. Be sure to only re-purchase, if you are satisfied with our services.

    1. Valda Luncsford

      Yes, this is all on us. We use third-party apps that allow us to give you access to an account from where you’ll be able to see the full calendar and even edit/posts/change times of the posts themselves.

    1. Valda Luncsford

      We do help with the ad management, whenever necessary. However, for complete ad management orders and content related to ad management, be sure to contact us before purchasing this gig so that we can create a custom offer for you.

    1. Valda Luncsford

      The posts offered in each pricing options are all tailored not only towards your brand, but are also platform-specific. Based on the strategy we agree upon, this might include gifs, pictures and text-based content. The brand package also includes premium video deliverables.

    1. Valda Luncsford

      We work with third-party social media analytic firms that provide white-label reporting. We will provide you with detailed reports at the end of each period. We also offer industry-grade market and competitor social media reports at a premium rate. Contact us prior, if you are interested.

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