1. Lewis Schoenthal Answer

    I found that guy: I will quickly finish your book ( $1000 )

    Did you start a book? 

    The book you KNOW is GREAT...but you got STUCK and now that awesome, amazing book is sitting around, waiting for you, gathering DUST somewhere on a shelf or in your drawer?

    Finish what you started! Get the job done! 

    You started something, and it's important to you. Don’t stop midway. Get it done NOW.

    I'll finish your book and you’ll enjoy the GREAT FEELING of satisfaction with GETTING THE JOB DONE!

    1. Lewis Schoenthal

      Preliminary pages are the pages before the content of your book begins. You will receive five preliminary pages; choose from these: Copyright page; Title page; About the Author; Dedication; Acknowledgments; Table of Contents; or a page with the customized specialty content of your choice.

    1. Lewis Schoenthal

      A Foreword is an introduction to the author and the book’s content, written by a person of distinction. I have a doctorate in education, so your book will have a Foreword written by a Doctor of Education. You will receive a Foreword in the Premium package.

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