1. Margarette Panakos Answer

    I found that guy: I will rev up your amazon product listings to sell ( $100 )

    Your Amazon product listing just got the boost you've been looking for! 

    I will honestly review your product and post it to your Amazon listing (buyer must offset cost of product). But don't stop there! I can also skyrocket your sales by adding photos and video to your online selling strategy. 

    Please see my packages for more details!

    While I offer common buyer requests in my packages, please do not hesitate to contact me directly to discuss the needs of your unique project. I am happy to customize gigs to fit various budgets. 

    Catch you on the flip side!

    Tracy Freese, MA, CTEP® - Strong Estate Marketing

    * Model revisions are not free.
    **You must share ideas ahead of the photo shoot, not after delivery. 
    ***I will happily return your product but you must include return postage. 
    ****Not all shoot requests are guaranteed, finished images will vary based on resources and locations available locally. No pets or babies, please. 
    *****Products will be discarded 7 days after delivery.
    1. Margarette Panakos

      If you order a product video, revisions are not included in the price. Because video production requires coordination between models and locations, all costs associated with a revision must be offset by the buyer.

    1. Margarette Panakos

      We are happy to revise written content within reason, but revisions with models and locations are not included in the price of the gig. Buyers must offset all costs associated with revision requests.

    1. Margarette Panakos

      I set your product in motion with one model demonstrating how to use it in one lifestyle setting. Then, I add royalty free music with specific text regarding your product’s features, benefits, and highlights. These videos are great for social media, YouTube channels, and private websites.

    1. Margarette Panakos

      Yes, we are PRIME members and can easily purchase through a code. Please be certain to alert us to any code expiration times.

    1. Margarette Panakos

      My address will be sent to you after you transact your order. I would prefer you send your product to me at that time, not before. Gig delivery times are set to accommodate shipping. Thanks!

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