1. Dan Mcpeak Answer

    I found that guy: I will review your shopify store and provide a list of changes ( $125 )

    Shopify is a truly remarkable platform but most store owners are not aware of all the things needed for a customer to convert, there are multiple factors that can create confusion on your customers translating in less or no sales.

    According to Google a conversion must be done in less than 3 clicks, this means that is one click to get to the product, another click to add to cart and one las click to checkout. Things like that are the type of things that we evaluate.

    Some of the other things we check:

    • Sales funnel
    • Site speed
    • Page load time
    • Image Sizes
    • SEO of products and pages
    • Customer Behavior (only if you have google analytics installed)

    Because we are Google partners and Shopify experts we can offer you the best of both worlds givin you a perfect report or even making those changes for you.

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