1. Aundrea Tabisola Answer

    I found that guy: I will revise and polish your business content ( $100 )

    Are you working on some technical content for your business, but you just can’t seem to get the words right?

    Let me help - I have an MBA and many years editing documents.

    I can polish your content, identify the key concepts we need to feature, and make your message strong and clear.

    When editing technical content I work to bring clarity to complex concepts - but I take great care not to alter technical descriptions or information.

    I have edited and revised:

    • Business plans
    • Corporate emails
    • Technical business articles
    • Website content
    • Complex medical articles
    • 40 page contractual agreements which involved 18 companies
    • A 625 page doctoral dissertation in the educational field
    • Responses to a Request For Proposal


    I will check and correct grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS).


    I will Correct GPS, and fix sentence structure, word choice, syntax errors.


    I will correct GPS, structure, and then take your writing to the next level!

    Satisfied customers say:

    "Dan was super quick to edit my writing and submit his work. Outstanding job!"

    "Very quick turn around. Professional edits!"

    "Thank you Dan for the exceptional job. You make my job much easier.” 

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