1. Krysta Hoinacki Answer

    I found that guy: I will revise and polish your short creative writing ( $100 )

    You’ve written a great story. But it could be improved.

    Have you looked at your own words for so long, you can’t tell what needs to be fixed?

    I get it – I’ve been there!

    I wrote a 50,000 word memoir manuscript, and after review, my New York editor suggested we cut the last 30 pages. I was shocked – but she was right. I cut those last 30 pages, and the book ended at an very powerful moment.

    Allow me to provide that same second set of eyes for your story!

    I have published two books, written over 700 articles, and have edited many blog articles.


    I will correct grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS).


    I will Correct GPS, fix sentence structure, word choice, syntax errors.


    I will correct GPS, structure, then take your writing to the next level!

    I will check to see where the flow might be slowing down.

    I will suggest improvements to the content arrangement.

    Satisfied customers say:


    “Very Professional to work with. Highly recommended. And Very Fast Delivery!"


    "Very quick turn around. Professional edits!"

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