1. Wen Giernoth Answer

    I found that guy: I will write a 1000 word blog for your brand ( $125 )

    You need amazing content to grow your business, position yourself as an expert and even generate a steady stream of leads — but can’t find the time to start. It is a common dilemma for growing businesses; you know quality content matters, but there is just not enough time or money to get them done.

    I can help.

    I created a content marketing package that allows you to have a steady stream of thoughtful, relevant articles and blog posts for your prospects. Carefully optimized and offering true value to readers, each piece is designed to not only inform and delight your prospects, but to generate leads as well.

    Some of my clients use the pieces they get in their own blogs; others use them as guests posts on other blogs and sites like Forbes, American Express, the Balance and more. Best of all, package rates are about 25% less expensive than single posts, kind of like that bulk crate of chips or paper plates at Costco — you get a break when you buy higher quantities.

    Whether you want one piece or a whole month's worth, let's talk and see how we can generate some leads and income for your brand.

    1. Wen Giernoth

      Yes! I would be delighted with a byline, but you may use the content as you wish. I can provide an NDA if needed.

    1. Wen Giernoth

      I’ve been writing for over a decade, and love to learn new things! My primary areas of specialty are:
      B2C/consumer products
      HVAC/Home Services/Home Decor

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