1. Mammie Okie Answer

    I found that guy: I will write a 1000 word blog post ( $500 )

    Get an article for your blog or LinkedIn blog from a professional content writer. I have 30 years of experience writing content professionally and am certified in content marketing and email marketing.  My content has helped companies boost traffic and improve email open rates.

    Core topics include content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO and many others. I will:
    • write a piece of content to your supplied brief
    • do additional research as required to improve the content (gig extra)
    • research and include LSI keywords for SEO (gig extra)
    • provide a first draft within the specified time scale
    • make revisions as requested (up to 2)
    • provide a final draft

    Optionally, I can do additional research, make additional revisions, locate a feature image for the content.

    A recent testimonial describes me as "a tech nut who writes some of the best blog posts about topics the rest of us wouldn't touch with a barge pole". It's true. I have a geeky side and love making technical topics understandable.

    I've written blog posts, in-depth guides, tutorials, case studies and customer stories for clients including OptinMonster, Crazy Egg, Unbounce, Search Engine People, Jilt, Designrr.

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