1. Freddie Facello Answer

    I found that guy: I will write a compelling sales elevator pitch

    Why do you want me to write your script?

    I have a BBA in Marketing, and an MBA. I write to engage and sell.

    I have a closer's mindset - I know what content will engage the potential buyer, and make them ready to accept the call to action.

    I have written over 700 promotional articles for online use.

    That pitch moment begins!

    You have that magic moment.

    You are standing in front of a potential buyer for your product.

    You've got to have your pitch in mind - but you don't have long!

    Typically, an elevator pitch will be around 30 to 45 seconds. 

    Yes, literally as long as it takes for the elevator to land at the ground floor.

    I will craft a strong and powerful pitch for you!

    We want to engage the buyer.

    We want to make them say "Wow, I want to know more!"

    Ideally we want to close the deal right there.

    Second best, we want a business meeting to discuss details.

    What customers say:

    "Absolutely excellent work!"

    "Great service! Seller understood exactly what I was after and executed it perfectly. Will definitely buy again"

    Let me help craft your pitch!

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