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    I found that guy: I will write a killer sales page email that slays doubt

    If you want to be the true king of the email marketing jungle, then you need a predator's killer instinct - and the instinct to go straight for the jugular of your leads when they're at their weakest.

    Let's face facts: most emails don't work. 70% of marketers use them, yet over 1,000 are deleted weekly by the average consumer - with 93% never even getting a click!

    Talk about impotent...

    Now you can get an email that doesn't just stalk your prey by getting right into their emotionally feeble buyer's brain...

    ...but also acts as a killer sales letter email that does all the heavy hitting of pre-selling at the end of a long sales funnel for your final coup de grace

    Packed with hard-hitting NLP commands and emotionally persuasive triggersthe killer sales email is a true predator in email marketing - all topped off with a devastatingly effective pièce de résistance: a crystal clear call to action.

    If you're looking for meaty conversions on big ticket sales, then you need a killer instinct - or a writer who delivers bloody victory at your door.

    Are you ready to take the crown? Then let's start.
    1. Emile Wirch

      I’m sorry, but all of my work is ghostwritten – that means that my clients own the copyright of the work I send. In the meantime, I suggest you check out my 2,500+ 5-star positive reviews. You can also inbox me if you have any specific questions that aren’t covered in this FAQ.

    1. Emile Wirch

      I’m sorry, but I don’t offer discounts for this Gig: this email is already very underpriced as an introductory offer – away from Fiverr, I offer it for $5,000. If an 80% discount isn’t enough for you, then this won’t work out. The price WILL be going up, so it’s in your interest to order now 🙂

    1. Emile Wirch

      Funny you should mention that – I ran out of FAQing space 🙂 Shoot me an inbox message with your question(s) and I’ll get back to you ASAP (possibly a little longer at weekends).

    1. Emile Wirch

      No – this Gig is for consultation and writing of the sales letter email only – I don’t offer any autoresponder services.

    1. Emile Wirch

      I can’t really answer this, as the email is just one part of the conversion. Is your email list is highly targeted, and have you pre-qualified it through a funnel that builds them up to this offer? If you have, then you can expect good conversions. If you haven’t, then it will be a crapshoot.

    1. Emile Wirch

      I send all my copy in MS Word .DOCX format along with a PDF. If you require another file format, please let me know. I can work with most, but .pages is out – it just doesn’t work. Please bear this in mind and use .rtf if you are an Apple user 🙂

    1. Emile Wirch

      No, this Gig does not cover graphic design: it only covers a consultation with you and writing your sales letter email.

    1. Emile Wirch

      Yes, I offer one free revision with all my work, and always work with my clients to ensure their satisfaction (which is why I have 2,500+ 5-star reviews). However, I do NOT offer refunds. This email takes a lot of time in research and writing to create – which deserves compensation.

    1. Emile Wirch

      If you feel that strongly about this, then this offer is clearly not for you. The sales letter email is meant to operate as a full, standalone sales page email for an audience that is already highly targeted and pre-qualified by my clients for offers of $999+. This email pays for itself easily 🙂

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