1. Dorian Crutison Answer

    I found that guy: I will write a press release that engages and converts ( $125 )


    Are you sick and tired of press releases that don't generate any responses?

    Do you want a press release which grabs attention and drives conversions?

    If you're looking for a press release that's newsworthy with an effective call to action, look no further (just check out some of the glowing testimonials in my profile!)

    Do press releases the smart way!

    Content marketing is more important than ever before, which means that a well-written, informative press release is an essential part of your business' overall marketing strategy.

    Whether you're announcing the launch of your latest project, winning a significant accolade, breaking new ground in your industry, or simply want to make a splash with your latest news, I'll spin your news into an attention-grabbing headlines hit piece

    All you have to do is order and give me the good news you want to share. 

    Hire me today and discover the real meaning of value-added writing that pushes your brand higher, all while giving you more exposure to your target audience.

    1. Dorian Crutison

      I certainly can! I have an extra fast 24-hour delivery option for each package priced at $200. If you need a press release in less than 12 hours, please message me first to check for availability and pricing.

    1. Dorian Crutison

      I offer a Getty Images Premium Extra, and you are also welcome to provide me with your own images. I can also embed a video (from YouTube) where possible – just provide me with the URL and I will take care of the rest.

    1. Dorian Crutison

      Industry standards typically call for a “golden zone” of around 600-700 words. That said, if you have a relatively brief announcement, going as low as 400 words is acceptable. For a more detailed press release, up to 1,500 words is enough to really get into the nuts and bolts of your news.

    1. Dorian Crutison

      With the right keywords and the right angle, they certainly can! Note that a good PR is a newsworthy one: something that positions your brand as an authority in your industry with informative content that news sources will want to pick up on, while also pushing your brand up the search rankings.

    1. Dorian Crutison

      Press releases are all about the who, what, why, when, where and hows of the news. If you can give me information in each area along with your website, media contact details and a quote, then I am good to go!

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