1. Emory Stittsworth Answer

    I found that guy: I will write a skyscraper blog post ( $690 )

    The Skyscraper Technique is an incredibly powerful SEO strategy. (And it's pretty simple.) 

    Step 1: Find the best performing content in your niche. 
    Step 2: Create better content. 

    My long-form content writing skills will help you one-up your competitors with blog posts that are longer, richer, deeper and more helpful than theirs. 

    My skyscraper blog post will be: 

    - Timeless. It will always be relevant and helpful to your audience. 
    - Relevant. It covers a topic that is important to the readers of your blog. 
    - In depth. It covers the subject at a deeper level than most other sources.  
    - Informative. It gives your reader actionable tips that they can use. 

    Example? I wrote this post 4 years ago: https://global-goose.com/working-holiday-visas-for-canadians/ 

    It's received hundreds of backlinks, been shared thousands of times and STILL brings me a steady stream of search engine traffic to this day - because it's relevant, in depth and informative. 

    For this gig, I will delve deep into researching and creating a high quality, in depth post for your blog - so you can benefit from the skyscraper technique.  
    1. Emory Stittsworth

      By their nature, evergreen posts tend to be long as they cover a topic in-depth and offer a lot of helpful information to the reader. The goal is to make sure that when readers click on the post they find the answers to ALL of their questions about the topic. The longer, the better!

    1. Emory Stittsworth

      “Kelly is one of the most naturally gifted content writers that I have had the pleasure of working with. Our company has an ongoing contract with her to produce high caliber articles for our Resource Center. Kelly always delivers on time and her product is always of exceptional quality.”

    1. Emory Stittsworth

      My area of expertise is the travel and lifestyle industry, I usually work with Online Travel Agents, Tour Companies, Hotels, Vacation Rentals,Travel Products, etc.
      HOWEVER, I’m a professional writer and a superb researcher – so I can write content for a wide range of businesses. Send me a message!

    1. Emory Stittsworth

      Yes. After I conduct my research and brainstorming, you will have final approval on all topics before I start writing.

    1. Emory Stittsworth

      We will discuss your brand and the goals you are hoping to achieve with your blog, so that I can determine the best content strategy. I will get to know your target reader so that I can identify what information would be most valuable to them in a skyscraper post.

    1. Emory Stittsworth

      – Brainstorm and research statistics, anecdotes and information to make the article more interesting.
      – Craft a tightly written and engaging article.
      – Write a compelling headline that will make readers more likely to click on it
      – Source eye-catching high quality copyright free images.

    1. Emory Stittsworth

      I’ll help you figure that out! I’ll talk to you about your target audience and I’ll do some research on them, so that I can find out what is important to them. I’ll be looking to find out what they want to learn more about and what guides will appeal and make them want to click.

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