1. Fiona Ruggieri Answer

    I found that guy: I will write a strategy for marketing skills as a specialist

    You're A Coach Who Wants To Design A Profitable Niche

    As a coach, you know that a niche is much more profitable than just being one among hundreds of generic coaches. 

    The secret to charging more is to design a niche where you're an obvious expert. 

    With A Niche, You Can Charge More For Your Services And 
    Attract Targeted Clients 

    Without a niche, you're a coach who doesn't stand out. You struggle and fight to make enough money. Here's what happens:

    ► You’re not seen as a specialist. 
    ► You can't charge more than the low "market rate" of generic coaches. 
    ► You're constantly chasing new clients, and that's not efficient or profitable. 

    Design A Niche Where You're An Expert And Charge More

    Expect these results:

    ► You're positioned as an expert because you are one. 

    ► You have an easier time getting new clients because you have a sought-after specialty.

    ► Clients stay with you longer and that's more profitable.

    Deliverables: What You Get

     2-Hour Phone Coaching Interview to design a profitable niche for you.

    ► Design of a profitable niche.

    ► Written niche description you can use in marketing.

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