1. Necole Callsen Answer

    I found that guy: I will write a whitepaper about your product or service

    Whitepapers are authoritative reports that will highlight your company's thought leadership, act as an education tool for potential customers, and a lead generation tool in conjunction with other marketing efforts. Whitepapers are written to address specific issues within the industry, and provide a solution to those issues. 

    To write your whitepaper, I will discuss with you the topic, your audience, and other relevant information. If needed, I can interview your CEO, staff or customers to gain additional information and insight needed to complete the project. 

    Once completed, you can use your whitepaper for enticing website visitors to give you their email address (i.e. getting leads), or for handing out at tradeshows and conferences. You can even submit the whitepaper for publication on a website or in print. 
    1. Necole Callsen

      Revisions should be as substantive as possible; i.e. changes to tone, style, information. I make every effort to ensure clean copy that is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors or typos. I will make typographical changes in a second round if needed.

    1. Necole Callsen

      Typically, businesses present whitepapers without a single author name attached. However, you or someone in your company can be presented as the author. I am the ghost writer, meaning I do not put my name on the whitepaper.

    1. Necole Callsen

      You own anything that is in the final approved document. You do not own anything that is removed or deleted in the editing process.

    1. Necole Callsen

      Whitepapers are excellent vehicles for establishing thought leadership in a particular topic. Chances are, you (or someone in your business) is an expert at what they do. A whitepaper showcases that knowledge while highlighting your company’s products and/or services.

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