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    I found that guy: I will write an about me for your author website ( $100 )

    An about me on your official author website, Amazon, Goodreads, etc. can be a make or break. It can be the difference between a maybe-reader and a NEVER-reader. Dry, bland, and impersonal diction is a surefire way to get lost in the indie author noise on Amazon in particular. There are millions of authors utilizing those platform (among others). What makes you stand out among the literary herd?

    You're an author, and lucky for you, I'm an author as well (with 10+ years' experience). All you need to do is fill out a questionnaire that I provide for you upon placing your order. I take it from there. No hassle and no stress! Just impeccable results.

    What better person to write your author bio than someone who's not only in the same boat as you, but has a proven track record (2,000+ positive reviews, 3,000+ completed orders, Top Rated Seller, Pro Seller, etc.) and a genuine passion for the written word?

    If you choose me as your bio-writer, you will undoubtedly stand out with an about me that's uniquely you and author-optimized. 

    *Questions? Message me first, please!

    10am to 4pm EST
    Monday through Friday
    CLOSED on all major holidays.
    1. Ambrose Ruffcorn

      I’ve written (and currently write) about mes for poets, children’s book authors, sci-fi & fantasy authors, young adult authors, self-help authors, etc. As long as you’re an author of something, I’ll write your biography.

    1. Ambrose Ruffcorn

      I write poetry, fiction, fantasy, and even dabble in wellness, nutrition, self-help, and self-development.

    1. Ambrose Ruffcorn

      Yes. In addition to your official website or blog, your bio can be used on sites like Amazon, Createspace, Lulu, Goodreads, FB, and more. However, I do not suggest longer bios on book covers. Lucky for you, I have a gig specifically for brief author bios, so be sure to check that one out!

    1. Ambrose Ruffcorn

      Put simply: Premium prices for premium services and talent. Whether the services I provide are pro gigs or regular gigs, I’m always going the extra mile for my valued clients. However, I go yet another mile for these pro gigs by providing additional services within the main three packages.

    1. Ambrose Ruffcorn

      1. B.A. (honors) in Creative Writing.
      2. Award-winning Author (5+ books) & Editor (100+ books).
      3. I’ve written 2,000+ biographies to date.
      4. 10+ years of writing and editing experience.
      5. ★★★★★
      6. Top Rated Pro Seller

    1. Ambrose Ruffcorn

      The other gig is for brief bios only. This pro gig is far more optimized and includes more words, revision(s), keyword(s), and competitor research. In other words, my regular author bio gig covers the basics. This gig goes beyond that, offering a world-class experience for each and every client.

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