1. Elisa Hitchman Answer

    I found that guy: I will write an awesome blog article for your brand ( $150 )

    I've been creating blog content for 7+ years for clients that include Search Engine Journal, Sprout Social, Adobe, AT&T, and many small-medium sized businesses.

    Blogging with a purpose can provide a company with many positive benefits that include:

    - The ability to rank for multiple target keywords on search.
    - An extra opportunity to convert a visitor into an email subscriber or customer on top of additional conversion factors your website may already contain.
    - A chance to help fans or customers understand a complex topic.
    - The ability to build thought leadership in an industry.

    Each blog I write keeps all these things in mind, and contains:
    • An outline before article completion (if requested)
    • Keyword research and implementation
    • A royalty-free feature image
    • Internal/External links
    • A call to action based on your most important goal
    • 1 revision

    Packages include:
    • 500 word article - suitable for a short update on a company blog or a brief look at a topic.
    • 1000 word article - the ideal length for ranking on Google for your selected keyword.
    • 1500 word article - the perfect length for creating an article with a thought leadership purpose, or an in-depth look at a subject.

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