1. Ward Bottini Answer

    I found that guy: I will write an on point case study ( $175 )

    Case studies explain how you help customers solve problems, deal with challenges, and reach business goals. I will describe your project in a story format or direct pitch, whichever you prefer. 

    Sample cases studies: I wrote the first three story-format pieces on this page: http://ursaminor.com/casestudies. 

    Note: The Basic "Straight to the Point" gig (250 words) does not require telephone time if you provide your company url, bullet points, and competitor urls. 

    We’ll schedule a 30-minute call with team members who worked on the project you are describing. I can also speak with clients if you like. During the call I’ll ask questions around:

    • the problem the customer faced prior to engaging your company
    • what they wanted you to do
    • your recommendations and final solution
    • how the project was handled, interactions with customer staff
    • results – numerical and otherwise

    We can schedule another conference call to review the first draft. Let’s start storytelling!

    1. Ward Bottini

      I can write virtually anything — from technical (e.g., policies & procedures, manuals, sell sheets) to imaginative (e.g., ads, social media campaigns, websites) and all in between.

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