1. Gabriel Delmonico Answer

    I found that guy: I will write and distribute an amazing press release ( $240 )

    Are you seeking amazing writing and a hassle-free press release distribution service that slathers you all over the news like delicious hot butter dripping off crisp toast?

    Do you want to see your company on all the major U.S. networks and say to yourself, "yes - I'm one of the big boys now."

    Of course you do - and I'm here to make it ridiculously easy by giving you both in one simple package. Which one do you need? Check out the PDF in the gallery above for the full low-down on what each package gets you. Also: 

    • Compelling writing from an experienced 6-figure copywriter that ticks all the right boxes
    • Show off your company's latest news or products in an interesting and engaging way
    • Ensure that your news is newsworthy with my targeted industry research and ideas (extra)
    • Increase your visibility online and offline with news that actually appears in the news
    • Bask in the glow of your own brilliance with comprehensive distribution reports 

    All I need is your information! Got questions? See the FAQ below or inbox me.

    Hire one of Fiverr's best copywriters and a proven 5-star press release writer today and relax, knowing that it's all taken care of. 
    1. Gabriel Delmonico

      Yes, you can. I can help you find great images (please see my gig extras), but you will need to provide your own logo and videos. Your business is about to be broadcast on hundreds of major sites… don’t be the guy with the low quality logo. Please note: only one image is distributed per PR.

    1. Gabriel Delmonico

      You could choose PR Newswire (a Cision brand), but they’ll charge you a whopping $775. Or go with Newswire – they’re $999. Or… you could get my standard package, which gives you the same reach for just $360. Alternatively, pay $5 to distribute to PRBuzz and join the bargain basement spam bin.

    1. Gabriel Delmonico

      No, I can’t, especially if you order on weekends or on holidays when the service I use slows down. 97% of the time, there won’t be an issue and your release will NEVER be released before the date you specify. All in all, don’t leave it until the last minute if your PR is time-sensitive!

    1. Gabriel Delmonico

      Yes, all packages come with a comprehensive distribution report as a part of this service, which I will deliver to you after a few days either through the gig order page or your inbox.

    1. Gabriel Delmonico

      All my press releases are white label with no other companies or agencies getting their sticky fingers all over our pristine work together. I try to deliver a first draft of your PR within 48 hours, and you should have a report within 3-4 days.

    1. Gabriel Delmonico

      Yes, **BEFORE** distribution. After distribution, I can’t – recalling your press release from hundreds of sites simply isn’t possible. I will always ask you to review your PR before distributing it, so it’s essential that you ensure that you are satisfied with it. No takesies-backsies!

    1. Gabriel Delmonico

      Some subjects are just too toxic for distribution like gambling & sex, etc. Your PR MUST be newsworthy. If it isn’t, it WON’T get accepted for distribution. There are no refunds post-writing if you have no story, did not buy the “Hit the Headlines” extra, and your PR does not meet distro standards.

    1. Gabriel Delmonico

      Check the handy PDF up in the gallery at the top for a full breakdown. Basically, all packages will put your release on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News, Bing News, and over 250 leading US newspapers and news sites – and that’s just the Basic package! Go Standard or Premium and go even wider!

    1. Gabriel Delmonico

      This is an “it depends” kind of question. Some links won’t have much effect at all on your SEO, as they will be ‘nofollow’ links. However, that’s not to say that they are all like that – quite a few offer ‘dofollow’ links, and the backlinks as well as exposure can offer significant benefits.

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