1. Kraig Stoffey Answer

    I found that guy: I will write authority building SEO blog posts ( $125 )

    Please inbox me with details before placing your order.

    Fun fact: "
    $5000: the monthly amount majority of businesses are spending on SEO (according to Moz)." Why such a big monthly investment? 

    SEO is always changing. Yet, one thing stays the same: if you offer your customers value, and produce content for people rather than algorithms, you'll stay relevant.

    I stay up-to-date on SEO best practices, and conduct in-depth keyword research to generate relevant blog post topics. Based on my research of your business, I write to meet those needs, at way less than $5000 a month.

    Drive traffic and generate leads with quality posts! With my INFLUENCER package, you'll receive a blog complete with interviews with experts, influencers or thought leaders for extra backlink-friendliness.

    With each of my packages, you'll get:

    • 1000 words of in-depth content in your brand voice
    • relevant SEO keywords
    • 2 ready-to-use social media posts to promote your new post

    Please message me to learn more about what I offer, and how I can help. 
    1. Kraig Stoffey

      No. You can request me to provide topics based on SEO keyword research using Google tools. However, if you have a topic in mind, I can write to that as well!

    1. Kraig Stoffey

      The 2017 average length of #1-ranked Google search pages was 1,890 words. However, the appropriate length of an article will be based on your industry! Message me to determine the best to fit for your needs.

    1. Kraig Stoffey

      I can provide Getty stock images for an additional $10 each. Please choose this option when purchasing to take advantage!

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