1. Marcelo Haseman Answer

    I found that guy: I will write awesome articles about bitcoin and cryptocurrency ( $250 )


    The crypto industry is booming - and more and more people are getting interested in this 21st century gold rush

    ...or digital misery, depending on whether you read this in a bull run or a bear run. 

    One thing they all have in common is that they are hungry for information, and they want it well-written, well-researched, and full of facts. 

    They're already confused, and if you can give them the straight story, then you'll become a prized resource for information in a fast-moving world of ever-changing fortunes.

    Wen moon? Will BTC always be the King? Is that new ERC20 token in ICO the next Ethereum... or a disastrous shitcoin with devs just waiting for the right moment to exit scam? 

    The names change and the industry is evolving: information is at the heart of this revolution, and my engaging writing delivers that information the information your reader want in a style that's bold, brash, and ready to take you to the moon and beyond. 

    Stand out from your cruddy competitors with writing that shines - order today!
    1. Marcelo Haseman

      Primarily because this is an article writing gig. While I can write business white papers, I have no experience in creating ICO whitepapers, and I personally believe that this is one job that should not be outsourced by the expert teams behind new cryptocurrencies.

    1. Marcelo Haseman

      I use the latest version of Microsoft Word. If, for some reason, you cannot use this file format, just let me know and I can send the copy in .rtf, .pdf or another format of your choice. If you’re using Pages, I prefer to receive information in .rtf or .pdf as well for easy accessibility.

    1. Marcelo Haseman

      Let us be frank: this is an new industry where people can and do make millions overnight – and often, with the power of little more than words. Now, a cheap article will happily fill up a blog, but something that’s powerful, engaging, and persuasive will have a lot more effect. Your choice…

    1. Marcelo Haseman

      I write about crypto trends, the coins themselves, industry issues and controversies – generally, crypto news. I would recommend getting in touch with me to discuss your article first! I don’t cover TA (trading analysis) – the results would be horrible for all involved, trust me 🙂

    1. Marcelo Haseman

      Yes! I only ask that we start with a few test gigs to start off so we can be sure that we are both on the right wavelength and you can trust me to take care of your crypto needs in the long run. I don’t like being micromanaged, and I’m sure you’d rather have one less thing on your plate.

    1. Marcelo Haseman

      Information! Tell me what you’d like me to write about, along with any specific details or (lack of) bias you’d like me to indicate. When you order, I’ll be in touch quickly to work with you on that. I also have a questionnaire to help us quickly get a foundational brief in place.

    1. Marcelo Haseman

      Correct – and with me, I bring a new perspective into an industry that’s dominated by men – 85% to 95% at the last survey in 2017, That said, I bring actual insight, good writing, and research into my work, rather than leverage other assets, as some other ladies do on elsewhere for a small fee 🙂

    1. Marcelo Haseman

      I was a little late to the party in October 2017, but I’ve caught up since. I now own a fairly diverse portfolio of what I believe are solid coins, and spend a lot of my spare time reading up on the latest industry news, ICOs, and of course staring in joy/misery at the charts.

    1. Marcelo Haseman

      The answer to this is “it depends”. In general, I only offer bulk discounts to regular clients I have a long history with–not to new clients who I need to build a close rapport with in order to better understand your needs.

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