1. Berry Mccier Answer

    I found that guy: I will write capitvating articles and blogs for your website ( $125 )

    There's a scene in 2015's Star Wars sequel "The Force Awakens" where stormtrooper deserter Finn asks ace pilot Poe, "Can you fly a TIE fighter?"

    Poe answers: "I can fly anything."

    It's cocky, it's arrogant, it's the truth.

    It's the way I feel when I'm sitting in front of a keyboard.

    I can write anything.

    In six years as a full-time freelancer, I've written articles and blogs for hundreds of clients on topics ranging from nuclear reactors to beard balm to cryptocurrency to artificial intelligence to PGA golf to small business best practices to activities for senior citizens.

    I've had the chance to write for some amazing clients, interview some bonafide celebrities, pioneers, and thought leaders from a dozen different industries.

    I've ghost written magazine pieces for CEOs, inked the autobiography of a man wrongly imprisoned in San Quentin for a murder he didn't commit, and penned the Houston Texans' inaugural media guide.

    I can write anything.

    I'd love to write for you.

    Check out my portfolio and give me a shout.

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