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    I found that guy: I will write compelling SEO copy capable of engaging your audience

    We are Team Pearl Street, a leading marketing agency located in Ontario, Canada. We are a certified B Corp, and have worked with hundreds of clients including big and small business, nonprofits, government agencies and community groups. 

    We have a rule that all our writing is worked on and improved by at least two team members, ensuring accurate and ready to use copy. If you’re looking for authentic and professional marketing, we are your team. 

    Pearl Street headlines:

    • Combined, we have nearly 50 years of professional writing and marketing experience.
    • Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small community based groups. What they all have in common is a passion for what they do.
    • Our team is smart and creative. We have a formal education in marketing, communications, business and law.
    • We have a reputation for authentic and professional work.

    If you need high-quality audience focused writing for your business or organization, you're in the right place. Let Team Pearl Street illuminate your passion.

    - Team Pearl Street

    1. Terrance Dewaters

      We are professional writers with a wide range of skills and specializations, and over 50 years of collective experience. Our team has written copy for a wide range of marketing materials. We know how to write in ways that are engaging and focused on readers needs.

    1. Terrance Dewaters

      Our team has the skills, experiences and passions to do great work. Team Pearl Street is celebrating our 10th anniversary as a Canadian marketing company and while we love working with local businesses, we want to share our marketing know-how with companies and organizations around the world.

    1. Terrance Dewaters

      We will have your work done within 5 days or sooner. After filling in our “Tell Us About Your Project Form,” we will get back to you with any clarifying questions we may have. With that input we will write your copy and deliver an unformatted Word document. One minor content edit is included.

    1. Terrance Dewaters

      Team Pearl Street will produce 300 words (per gig) of engaging and action oriented copy that you can use on your website and / or in other marketing materials.

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