1. Daria Willens Answer

    I found that guy: I will write competitive amazon listing product descriptions ( $200 )

    Fiverr-Verified PRO Top Rated Seller with 8000+ satisfied customers!

    Dominate your market with Amazon descriptions that sell! Whether you're breaking into a saturated market or trying to boost conversions, you have to make your listing stand out!

    • My work is poignant and interesting. Nothing run of the mill, bland, or expected will do for your stellar products.

    • I have zero tolerance for 'fluff'. Your descriptions will be clear, concise, and free of anything that is irrelevant or repetitive.

    • I believe that technical doesn't have to be boring. Yes, it is possible to build technical information into your descriptions without snoozing customers. My creative approach will ensure that the perfect mix of key information is showcased with a hint of charm.

    • Enjoy dedicated customer service. I believe that customer relationships are very important and I work hard to ensure that the job is done right the first time.

    My PRO service is aligned with Amazon rules and there's nothing scripted about this service. I'll write something unique, interesting, and captivating for you every single time.

    Carrie :)
    1. Daria Willens

      Yes! You’ll provide the top competitor link that you want me to analyze. For 15 minutes, I’ll draft my thoughts and suggestions about how to match what they’re doing well and how to compete against their weaknesses.

    1. Daria Willens

      1 round of revision ($10) covers up to 10 minutes of changes. All creative change requests, additional information, or changed instructions must be approved by me with a revision fee. I can help you quote how much revision time your change request will need.

    1. Daria Willens

      Yes! I will research your competitor keywords and brainstorm possible untapped options for 15 minutes, then run the list through a US-based keyword rank engine to get a list of your top 10 relevant ranking keywords. If you have specific keywords in mind that you want to use, just let me know!

    1. Daria Willens

      Yes! I can write from your existing content, exact competitor content, manufacturer content, or a bullet point list of details to include.

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