1. Humberto Mckowen Answer

    I found that guy: I will write content that drives customers to your business ( $150 )

    About This Gig

    Still staying up late to find the right words as you continue to waste time and money with no result to show?

    The right words, used at the right time, in the right place will get your message across.

    My copywriting service will rocket your business.

    It’s time to boost sales.
    It’s time to convince potential customers.
    It’s time to get eye-pleasing, informative and catchy comment.

    Investing in this gig will provide you with terrific content as your readers develop a reason to do business with you.

    What are you searching for?

    I will put in your hands,

    Website Content
    Text Emails
    Blog Posts
    Landing Pages
    Testimonials, or
    Anything else you want.

    My words will make you stand apart from the crowd and cut through the online noise so you are noticed.
    1. Humberto Mckowen

      Yes. I provide revisions, I want you to be satisfied with the end product. Reasonable, small revisions are completed at no cost. More in-depth revisions, up to and including rewrites, are an extra cost.

    1. Humberto Mckowen

      Any topics. As a professional writer, I am an expert in research. With your customized information, combined with my research skills, I can write fluently on any topic. Nevertheless, the more information you can provide on your topic of choice the better the end product will be.

    1. Humberto Mckowen

      No. I am a writer. Not a public relationhs business. Once you accept the manuscript, all copyrights are conveyed to you and you are free to publish them anywhere you like.

    1. Humberto Mckowen

      Answer a few simple questions, including:

      What are you selling?
      What is your target market?
      What are their REAL wants and needs?
      How is your product/service DIFFERENT and BETTER?
      Provide all of the REASONS WHY someone would want to buy from you. (Come up with some ‘juicy facts”).

    1. Humberto Mckowen

      Information. Short. Succinct. Clear and comprehensible information. Don’t use 300 words to explain what you want when 20 will do.

      Too much information can be as bad, or worse, than not enough. Clear, concise information is best — and needed.

    1. Humberto Mckowen

      I will provide a manual via Google Docs for your review. Using the comment feature, let me know what brief revisions are needed. Again, be as thorough and brief as you can.

      This is a collaboration and we may need to pass the document back and forth several times to make it perfect.

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