1. Elna Mcspadden Answer

    I found that guy: I will write emails and direct mail that get results ( $100 )

    Clients have reported these results from my work: 

    • My new copy helped drive a 25% increase in sales on a niche dating site. 
    • One direct mail letter helped my client to get Oprah to talk about her product and a major retailer to sell it. Another direct mail letter for a coaching services client produced a 13% response rate. 
    • My 10-page book outlines produce a 50% close rate for my book-marketing client.

    A word about subject lines

    Whether you communicate by email to sell widgets or raise money for animal rescue, you probably know that most emails are seen on mobile devices. And at this point in the digital game, everyone knows that the right subject lines lead to higher email open rates.

    Subject lines on the desktop come in at about 65 characters; with mobile you get only 25-30 characters to make your point. To capture the attention of mobile and desktop users alike, the happy medium is an effective five- or six-word subject line. I’ll write an email subject line and copy based on email marketing best practices and provide a second subject line for A/B testing purposes.

    1. Elna Mcspadden

      Yes. If you find it easier to describe your project by phone, I’m happy to. Otherwise, please be as specific as you can in your project specifications.

    1. Elna Mcspadden

      I can write virtually anything — from technical (e.g., policies & procedures, manuals, sell sheets) to imaginative (e.g., ads, social media campaigns, websites) and all in between.

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