1. Vito Breckel Answer

    I found that guy: I will write killer sales pages that explode profits ( $150 )

    Bad copy is the deadliest killer in marketing.

    Meanwhile, average copy sits there and twiddles its thumbs.

    You need killer copy; the gift that keeps on giving, working tirelessly 24/7 to snap up leads and positioning you as the true market leader.

    Checkmate, competitors

    My landing page and sales copy is emotionally irresistible and written in a naturally fluent English style that hammers down a powerful call to action to your readers:

    • Full copyright transferred upon completion of job
    • SEO friendly, engaging content that boosts your Google rankings
    • Unique content, written in the tone and style you want
    • Impress your readers, crush your sales and enjoy maximized profits

    People are screaming for writing that gives them what they want.

    Are you going to give it to them?

    Or are you going to let your average, boring and so-so copy twiddle its thumbs as your competitors checkmate you?

    Don't settle for anything less than carefully-crafted, honed perfection in your sales copy.

    Hire me today and see how my world-class copy will grab your readers by the throat and shake them into action--adding thousands of dollars to your bottom line.
    1. Vito Breckel

      I use the latest version of Microsoft Word. If, for some reason, you cannot use this file format, just let me know and I can send the copy in .rtf, .pdf or another format of your choice. If you’re using Pages, I prefer to receive information in .rtf or .pdf as well for easy accessibility.

    1. Vito Breckel

      The answer to this is “it depends”. In general, I only offer bulk discounts to regular clients I have a long history with–not to new clients who I need to build a close rapport with. If you’re seeking discounts right off the bat, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong seller.

    1. Vito Breckel

      I have over 2,500 reviews total on Fiverr with a 5-star profile. As a ghostwriter, all copyright to my work passes onto clients, so I have no samples except the one in the gallery above. Read my gig descriptions to get a feel for my sales copy – or listen to thousands of glowing testimonials.

    1. Vito Breckel

      Let’s be frank here: at $5, you’re gambling. You may find a hidden diamond in the rough. A lot of the time, however you’re risking plagiarized content and worse writing that will send your bounce rates sky-high as your website plummets out of sight. I’m a proven writer: it’s your choice.

    1. Vito Breckel

      Information, information, and yet more information! A full brief that outlines exactly what you’re looking for, along with details about your industry and audience is vital to help me nail the copy. Once you order, you have an option to opt-in to a questionnaire that will help you do just this.

    1. Vito Breckel

      Great writing doesn’t just look pretty–it also sends your sales skyrocketing with a stupefying ROI. That’s what I deliver. No business can afford to save pennies, only to lose dollars, especially in this economy. My copy offers an excellent ROI at prices you simply won’t find in the “real world”.

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