1. Gregorio Tishler Answer

    I found that guy: I will write knockout web copy that converts ( $100 )

    If you have a website, you've probably noticed that simply getting traffic isn’t the problem. Anyone can put up ads and send leads to a website, blog post, landing page, or sales page. The hard part is what people do once they land on your webpage. Do they close the browser? Or do they convert - by clicking your link to purchase a product, download a lead magnet, or sign up for a mailing list? 

    That’s where I come in. 

    If you’re ready to turn your website’s traffic into high-converting leads, you'll need sales copy that hits all the right buttons - developing rapport, blending social proof, and building to a tantalizing call to action. This is the type of copy that ENGAGES your audience and has them scrolling faster and faster to FIND THE BUY NOW button. And that’s exactly what I’ll do for you. 

    With over a decade of experience, I know exactly how to use copy as a tool to achieve your goals. And now, I'll let you tap into my skills to turn your own website into a potent, lead-converting machine. 

    Perfect for: 
    - Landing page
    - Sales letters
    - Email campaigns
    - Product descriptions
    - And much more! 

    Note - I do not write copy for health products. 

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