1. Winifred Ludecke Answer

    I found that guy: I will write outstanding email copy as a complete sales funnel ( $165 )

    Do you need a salesfunnel? I will lay one out for you based on the great emails I will write.

    Each Pro order includes:

    • Professionally written email content based on the latest techniques from the experts. No gimmicks, just great email copy.
    • Two subject lines per email that can be used for A/B testing or as subject and description.
    • free copy of the Guide to Timing Your Emails. A short paper that gives you general guidelines for sending emails.

    Most importantly: Your email copy will come as part of a complete sales funnel based on the latest Microsoft study showing that it takes 13 touches to make a sale. I will tell you when to email, when to call, when to mail a postcard, and so on. This is a complete package. It will even include notes on what to say on the phone.

    The two-month rewrite
    : 60 days after I deliver your emails, you can come back, for free, and share your statistics with me. Opens, clicks, etc. I will rewrite the emails and try to make them even more effective.

    Please message me with any questions before you order. Thanks.

    1. Winifred Ludecke

      My e mails are typically 100-200 words and are about relationship-building, as well as sales. CTA is usually to learn more or set an appointment. They are designed to read on a smart phone. This gig is for writing only!

    1. Winifred Ludecke

      No. They simply don’t work. Honestly, “email blasts” are useless. If you sell one in 1,000 it’s a lot and it’s expensive. Most of them go to spam folders and tarnish your brand.

    1. Winifred Ludecke

      I am often asked for samples, open rates, etc. I don’t ask my clients to report back to me, so I usually don’t hear. I have clients who have been coming back to me for years. That’s how I know I am succeeding.

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