1. Domenica Anes Answer

    I found that guy: I will write seo driven content that converts ( $500 )

    Most CEO’s know maintaining a blog is one of the best ways to grow their audience and increase their Google page rank. Whether you work at a startup or run your own restaurant, having a blog is one of those Marketing 101 commandments that everyone seems to understand.

    What people may not understand, however, is that having a place for articles isn’t enough. What truly matters is what you do with the content.

    Content is the metric by which marketing departments achieve all of their inbound marketing goals. Content is what lowers user-acquisition costs and raises conversion rates. Content is what empowers new customers to find you for free. Content is what saves you from having to dump ever-more money into Facebook ads.

    Content, as they say, is king.

    And if you do it right, every article that goes up on your blog becomes a little beacon, a tiny machine that continues to print money and pay dividends — forever. But it has to be purposefully crafted and expertly written. It must grab hold of your readers and speak to them in a way that provides value.

    This is exactly what I do. I have made my career helping brands build out the content they need to drive conversations and conversions.
    1. Domenica Anes

      I have helped create content for some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. We’re talking Fortune 10, 100, and 500 companies. Unfortunately, most of the work that I’ve done for them was crafted under strict non-disclosure agreements so I am not able to name them.

    1. Domenica Anes

      It depends on how you would like your content to work for you. If your content is designed to drive ad revenue, then we will write for inbound clicks. If your content is designed to generate new leads, then form conversions will be the metic. I will craft the content with your goals in mind.

    1. Domenica Anes

      The content I create is purposely crafted to acheive the precise marketing goals that you have set out for your marketing team. Anyone can put words on the page. The question you need to ask when evaluating writers is whether those words will lead to a substantial return on your investment.

    1. Domenica Anes

      The form and structure of the content I produce for you will be the product of quite a bit of research into keyword opportunities and search engine optimization. Keyword stuffing no longer works as well as keyword clouds — lists of relevant words that must be integrated into each article.

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