1. Pamula Preda Answer

    I found that guy: I will write weekly content for your blog or website ( $600 )

    The web is an ocean of abandoned blogs and websites, and there is nothing that undermines the credibility of a site faster than stale content. A site without fresh content signals neglect, and it's one of the most surefire ways to drive a reader away. I'm here to help ensure that doesn't happen to your blog or website.

    Here's what working with me on this gig will look like:

    Step One: We'll have an initial discussion to discuss your content needs, including topics, voice, style, delivery schedules, etc.

    Step Two: I'll get to work on your content. That doesn't mean diving right in to pump out material as fast as I can. It means research. It means planning. Your articles will be accurate, insightful, and designed to engage your readers and accomplish your goals.

    Step Three: I'll deliver your content in batch by the agreed upon timeframe. You'll always have a chance to review it and request revisions, and I never, ever, deliver the absolute minimum number of words paid for. It's in my best interests to make sure you're as happy as possible. 

    Note: If you'd like delivery on a rolling weekly basis, please let me know and I'll send you a custom order using milestones.
    1. Pamula Preda

      Absolutely! As the copyright holder, you may do as you wish with the article, including listing yourself as the author. That’s no problem at all.

    1. Pamula Preda

      Both! The vast majority of my work is done in American English, as most of my clients and readers are American. However, I am Canadian and was educated in Canada, so if you’d like your article written with British spelling and Grammar, just let me know!

    1. Pamula Preda

      You will own the copyright and all IP rights to the finished article that is delivered to you. You can do with it and publish it as you please.

    1. Pamula Preda

      Pretty much. I’ve written on myriad topics over the years, from entrepreneurship, to fashion, to leadership, to aviation, to technology, to sports and fitness, to product reviews, to music, and much more. The key here is my commitment to proper research prior to writing your content.

  2. Rod Rosenbarger

    You say your work is SEO optimized and that I can choose keywords, but that you won’t sacrifice readability for keyword density. What do you mean?

    1. Pamula Preda

      Some buyers are looking for articles that are stuffed with keywords in hopes of increasing Google ranking. Not only does this technique not work, but it is the antithesis of everything I believe about writing. I will happily include your keywords, but writing for the reader is always priority #1.

    1. Pamula Preda

      I’m a highly experienced freelance writer with hundreds of thousands of words of content under my belt. I’ve done print work and written full-length non-fiction books, but my specialty is web content. I know how to write engaging content crafted for readers, and that’s what you need.

    1. Pamula Preda

      No. I write content for readers, and I firmly believe that the best path for SEO is to write content that human beings will want to share and link to. I won’t write content designed to game search algorithms or satisfy SEO plugins at the expense of readers. The reader should always be priority #1!

    1. Pamula Preda

      I can’t guarantee acceptance or publication by any magazine, journal, or site – and nobody can. Magazines accept or reject articles for a whole host of reasons outside of quality. What I can do for you is write you a top quality article that meets the submission guidelines of ‘ ______ Magazine’.

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