1. Nieves Maulding Answer

    I found that guy: I will write you a compelling whitepaper ( $495 )

    Whether you want to generate leads, build your mailing list or educate your prospects, a white paper is an ideal way to connect and engage. Choose the size that is right for your marketing needs and current level of activity.

    Brands that offer a free opt-in have a steady flow of lead traffic and can amass a mailing list very quickly. This gig is reserved for those who already have an online presence and an intensive marketing plan in place and is designed to help you get the best ROI from  your marketing program

    Ideally, a white paper will position you as an industry leader and as an authority in your field. While this is a selling tool, there is no hard-sell or sales lingo involved, so others simply enjoy learning from you and are more likely to share this piece with others. White papers often get heavy shares, simply because they are so useful and offer true thought leadership.

    Take your place with the larger brands with a compelling and easy to understand, easy to digest piece of thought leadership.

    I have been creating whitepapers for executives since 2010 and will give you the platform you deserve for your product, idea or advice.

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