1. Cedrick Manno Answer

    I found that guy: I will write you a killer book blurb

    I Will Write a KILLER HTML Formatted Book Blurb

    Next to your cover, your book's blurb is your most important marketing tool. it's more than just a book description. It's the sales copy for your book. Great books don't sell themselves. You need a HOOK to get readers to buy.

    You've done the hard work, now let me bring it home. 

    Having a great description improves sales. 

    I will also format your copy in HTML. I will send you the code and all you have to do is cut and paste it into Amazon's KDP dashboard. Your sales copy will have large sized headlines, bullet points, keywords in bold, and some terms can even be underlined. You will have a description that looks the ones the pros use.

    I will also send you a plain text version of your blurb that you can use for a physical book or for marketing your book in other places. 

    I will also include 3 social media teasers you can use to promote your book after it's published. 

    It's time to make some money for all your hard work. 

    What Are You Waiting For? Your Readers Are Waiting For You! 

    Get Your Sales Copy Right Now!
    1. Cedrick Manno

      No. That would be impossible. I am a professional copywriter. I do like to scan the book and get to know what it’s about before writing the sales copy. I ask authors and publishers to send me a copy of the book, or at least the table of contents. I need a plot summary for fiction books.

    1. Cedrick Manno

      Each book is different. Typically descriptions are between 100-300 words. Non-fiction books perform better with longer descriptions. I will write sales copy that is long enough to get the job done, but so long that it is boring

    1. Cedrick Manno

      Yes. The sales copy I write will work for books sold on Kobo, Apple iBooks, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and even on your own website.

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