1. Hortensia Tunney Answer

    I found that guy: I will write your attorney bio for lawyers ( $250 )

    "If the gloves don't fit, you must acquit!" "You can't handle the truth!" These quotes have become some of the most memorable phrases used in legal discussions. A law firm may offer the best legal services, but if nobody knows they exist then it doesn't really matter, does it? This legal writing service is designed to brand and market your law firm (attorneys / lawyers, managing partners, board of directors, public defenders, paralegals, office managers, your entire team).

    We service most practice areas, including:

    ⚖ Practices Areas:
    • Bankruptcy Law (Chapter 7, Chapter 13)
    • Business Law (Contracts, Disputes, Intellectual Property)
    • Corporate Law
    • Criminal Defense (Drug, Traffic, Theft, DUI, Sex Crimes)
    • Employment Law
    • Entertainment Law
    • Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts)
    • Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody)
    • Federal Law
    • High Net Worth
    • Immigration Law
    • Civil and Criminal Litigation
    • Personal Injury (Auto Accidents, Slip and Falls, Medical Malpractice)
    • Pro Bono
    • Real Estate
    • SSDI
    • Trial
    • Worker's Comp / Workman's Comp

    High-quality content, bios, and profiles for your professional website. About the Firm, Practice Areas, Attorney Profile, Contact Us, etc.

    We look forward to serving your legal needs!
    1. Hortensia Tunney

      Yes. Please send a private message with details of your request before placing any orders to ensure that we can successfully fulfill and/ or meet your expectations.

    1. Hortensia Tunney

      Yes. Bios are designed for clients with legal backgrounds, however, we also offer bios, summaries, profiles, etc. for clients who specialize in other areas/ industries.

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