1. Robin Steenwyk Answer

    I found that guy: I will write your book from scratch ( $9990 )

    You have a story to tell. Your book could be about your professional work, explaining why prospects should hire you and become your clients and increase your revenue.

    Your book could be about your life’s adventures, or a creative novel, or your family’s history. Perhaps you have a pursuit like gardening or fishing or horseback riding and you want to tell everyone what you’ve learned so they can enjoy what you do, too.

    I will write your 110-page book from scratch, based on an outline you approve. The reason your book should be 110 pages is because 120 pages is the minimum number of pages to have a book cover with a spine wide enough to have text on it. When you add preliminary pages and the foreword, you will have a 120-page book with a cover spine wide enough for your name and your book’s title.

    This gig provides the complete contents of your new book, and I'll also guide you on how to get a cover for your book.

    In about four or five weeks, you will be the author of your new book! You own all rights and now can have your book prepared for publication! How does this feel?


    1. Robin Steenwyk

      Preliminary pages are before the content of your book begins. You will receive five preliminary pages in the Standard and Premium packages. Choose from: Copyright page; Title page; About the Author; Dedication; Acknowledgments; Table of Contents; or a page with the customized specialty content.

    1. Robin Steenwyk

      A Foreword is an introduction to the author and the book’s content, written by a person of distinction. I have a doctorate in education, so your book will have a foreword written by a Doctor of Education. You will receive a foreword in the Premium package.

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