1. Latina Fugate Answer

    I found that guy: I will write your screenplay or pilot script ( $800 )

    With every order, I will transform your idea or concept into a full-length Feature Screenplay or Series Pilot Script.

    Over a one-month timeline, or two weeks with Fast Delivery, we will benchmark the script and make sure your idea comes to life in the right way.

    That's why this is Fiverr Pro - you get a lot more with your order.

    The key difference is I will work directly with you via Skype to help develop your idea and turn it into a compelling piece that you are truly happy with.

    I will also craft: Treatment documents, Pitch materials, and Investor materials - so you will be able to showcase your script package anywhere in the world.

    Feature-length Screenplays are typically 90-110 pages;
    Series Pilot Scripts for one-hour programs are typically 40-60 pages.

    I have included explanations of each package component below for your convenience.

    Feel free to message me at any time if you have any questions or want to start a conversation about your project. I know how much this means to so many people.

    Half-way there already? Message me!

    Want to do something simpler? Head on over to www.fiverr.com/brandonfjohnson/write-a-script-or-short-story-for-you-or-your-project
    1. Latina Fugate

      We can schedule the Skype Sessions for whenever they will be most convenient for you. You can always message me with questions beforehand or change times. Audio-only is more than perfect. You are not obligated to do them, either. We can handle everything via messaging if you would like.

    1. Latina Fugate

      If you already have pages and pages of your script written, you’re only looking for editing, or have other ideas about how you would like to collaborate – feel free to send me a message and we can talk about the most effective way to expedite your project!

    1. Latina Fugate

      The Pitch Materials, sometimes referred to as a “Lookbook” is a very visual document that takes certain elements of the Treatment and mixes them with reference images, stylized typography, and more. I have Adobe CC and can customize something that will suit the aesthetics and tone of the story.

    1. Latina Fugate

      Yes – The Basic Package includes one 30-minute session per week, the Standard Package includes two 30-minute sessions per week, and the Premium package includes two 60-minute sessions per week, at your convenience.

    1. Latina Fugate

      Treatment documents typically contain your project’s logline, an executive summary, character breakdowns, thematic synopsis material, and outline of the projects ACT structure, and about 10-20 pages of your script. We can always incorporate other items as the project develops.

    1. Latina Fugate

      The Skype Sessions are used to help develop your idea. Even if you have a very defined vision of how you want the story to be in your mind, discussing that vision verbally will help translate what you want onto the page. Plus, you can ask any questions you want about the process and get my advice.

    1. Latina Fugate

      Think of this asset as a document with information relevant to potential investors and distributors. It contains marketing information, target audience information, and information on how you’re looking to finance the project. Do you have other questions about Investor materials? Message me!

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